TO LOOK HIGH AND LOW – Feature film directed by Stojan Vujicic


Synopsis Olga (53) former member of the army sniper special forces 30 years ago, with a post-traumatic syndrome from the wars in the former Yugoslavia, and an early stage of diabetes , works as a only woman chief officer in Fire and rescue brigade. She starts her present day mystery mission to face with her past and the consequences of them here and now, through the battle with the figureheads in the pharmaceutical and waste disposal industries, who threatens her health and well-being of her daughter. This mission is her only option to do the honest thing and free off the burdеn from her darkest past. 

DEFINING OLIVER – Feature film directed by Vladimir Mitrevski


Defining Oliver is a story that centres around Oliver, a 53 years old physics professor who lives a life of solitude. The reason that he lives a solitary life is that until now, he never had a relationship, sex or ever masturbated in his life. He is an introvert person that has no friends. A person who is confused about his sexual orientation. His only “friend” is his doctor, dr. Alexander Markovski, a 65 years professor of psychiatry, very prestigious in the field. Through his career, he has many interesting cases, but non of them can compare with Oliver’s. He was fascinated with Oliver, and because of that, Alexander was particularly dedicated in his case, and was challenged to help Oliver define his sexuality. One day, while waiting for a scheduled session, Oliver meets Katja, also a patient of dr. Alexander, who came there by mistake, thinking that it was her session. Katja is a 45 years old successful fashion designer, and she’s a complete opposite of Oliver. She’s open-minded, free spirited woman. Oliver finds Katja very intriguing. Katja asks for his phone number just in case he want’s to trade sessions sometimes.Oliver and Katja start to hang out. He learns that Katja is bisexual and the reason that she visits dr. Alexander is because she is depressed. The cause of her depression is because besides her big sexual experience in her life, she never had a meaningful relationship. Katja learns his story as well, and finds him very intriguing. To her, Oliver is the perfect example of a pure human being. After spending some time together, they both develop strong feelings for one another, and with each other’s help, they manage to re-discover their sexuality, and embark on a journey that will re-define them in essence.